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About the Company

Squadra Forte is a reliable partner in search of executives and rare specialists in industry, banking, distribution, FMCG, retail, pharmaceutical companies, it and high technology.

We professionally and promptly close key functions that contribute to the development of our clients ' business.

The result of our work is the solution of business problems of the client. Managers and owners trust us to find the best professionals to improve business efficiency and bring companies to a new level, attract investment, increase sales, launch new directions, implement best practices in the company and other non-trivial tasks.

Deep expertise and communication with the leaders of leading companies in the industry allows us to see the most successful solutions to similar problems, as well as examples of projects that have not received development or have shown their low efficiency. We are approached for information on trends and forecasts in a particular sector of the economy.

Consultants have access to confidential information necessary to perform targeted research and effective search for candidates, use a wide network of professional contacts at various levels to obtain quality recommendations from recognized experts in the industry.

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