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About the Company

Squadra Forte is a professional services company specializing in the search for top executives and seasoned professionals, market analytics and talent mapping. We are the go-to partner for various production and industrial goods companies in Russia, CIS and Eastern Europe. Founded in 2011, Squadra Forte has offices in Moscow and Warsaw. Our customers entrust us with their most pressing personnel needs and turn to us for support in identifying the top external talent pools.

  • Top management search projects and market analytics worldwide
  • Using direct search and references from the most highly regarded industry professionals to identify the best candidates and talent pools available for specific jobs and projects
  • A plethora of successfully completed non-standard and complex search projects for companies all around the globe
  • An in-depth knowledge of today’s industry dynamics and organization structures of major players across the different fields of economy
  • A vast experience of consulting projects, analytical surveys and industry research
  • …and last but not least: we work fast and do not demand downpayment

The underlying principle behind our approach is: ‘Any project is doable. We just know where to look and how.’


Anastasia Laiko, Headhunter, Head of Moscow Office

Anastassia is an executive search expert with international consulting experience. She leads the company’s technical and financial projects, making sure that they are completed on time and in line with the top industry quality standards. Functional and industry expertise: Finance, Procurement Management, Logistics, Project Management.

Natalia Komarnitskaya, Headhunter, Head of Warsaw Office

Natalia has experience in production, as well as the leading Russian and Western consulting companies in Russia and Kazakhstan. She spearheads the company’s projects and business development in Russia, CIS and Eastern Europe. Functional and industry expertise: Operations and Technology Management, R&D, IT and Innovation.

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