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Recommendation letters

PJSC Severstal has been working with Squadra Forte from 2011. The Company has successfully filled such vacancies as Heads of Business System implementation in Logistics and Energy (top level searches), Manager of HSE project (middle level search), Manager of labour safety (middle level search), Head of mine for Severstal Gold (top level search) and provided a wide (broad) market analysis in the field of occupational health. Strong skills of Squadra Forte team are efficiency, excellent understanding of the tasks, in-depth knowledge of such production aspects as plant modernization, lean management, business process efficiency improvement and implementation of the best practices. I look forward to continuing our long-term cooperation.

Alexander Chigarkov, Senior recruitment and talent manager, PJSC Severstal

During our cooperation in searches for filling of the different level searches (technical and general business) in oil&gas and mining Squadra Forte consultants have shown performance of high competencies and responsibility level. Consultants always give us status updates on a regular basis and submit the properly selected candidates in time. Special thanks for supporting us in complicated middle and top level searches in mining. Squadra Forte team has successfully filled the vacancies of Mine General Director (top-level search), Head of purchasing (top-level search), Project Director (top-level search). I recommend Squadra Forte as a reliable partner for executive search and recruitment.

Tatiana Slavinskaya, Head of Corporate service department , Gazprombank Resource

Rusal confirms cooperation with Squadra Forte in terms of executive search and management selection from 2013. Squadra Forte team has successfully filled our management vacancies of the Company key functions - operational management, supply chain and purchasing, quality management, logistics, manufacturing and finance. Squadra Forte works quickly, has a deep understanding of the Client's tasks and industry. I recommend Squadra Forte as a reliable and effective provider.

Yulia Ten, Recruitment Director, Rusal

Polyus Management Company has been working with Squadra Forte from 2016 in terms of executive search. The Company has helped us to fill a number of top and middle level searches. Squadra Forte consultants have deep industrial expertise in mining - in geology, finance and economy, quality management, etc. The colleagues are very flexible, don't waste motivation in the face of changes, submit the right candidates in time. We recommend Squadra Forte as a reliable executive search partner.

Yulia Andronovskaya, Recruitment Head, Polyus Gold.

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